Written By: Johna Bottorff (Exec. Producer of The KJ TODAY Show)


Anyone else out there in Golden Bachelor land holding their breath after last week’s episode?! I’ve been watching since the beginning and the show has taken such a turn! Some women who went home, I wasn’t too surprised about, but others had me literally screaming at Gerry to get it together. Now Faith has been a top contender for me since she pulled on a motorcycle on episode one! However, I never saw Leslie coming in as a contender, but as of the time of me writing this, she is in the top three! Theresa, I’m going to be honest I haven’t been rooting for her, I couldn’t tell you why I just don’t think she is the one for Gerry. 

This past week was hometowns, where the bachelor gets to meet the families of the contestants, and it was very telling! First up was Theresa, which since she is a top contender, I’m not too shocked about. Now, not to say i know anything about love and relationships, cause lord knows i don’t. I didn’t get the vibe from Teresa’s daughter that she was a fan of Gerry. She asked him if he loved her mother, and he said yes… in a roundabout way. Then it was Faith and her family. I felt Gerry was more relaxed with her family, but if I’m being honest, I think Leslie’s family took the cake. Leslie’s brother gave Gerry permission to marry his sister!! Granted these people are in their 60s and 70s, but still, it’s cute. They were open and honest and didn’t mind asking Gerry the hard questions. 

But what shocked me the most was all three women have told Gerry that they are in love with him! And he only said it back to TWO! Those two being Leslie and Faith, and then there was the rose ceremony. Which by the way left on a cliffhanger, because Gerry was only giving out two roses. He gave one to Leslie, and then when it came down to Theresa and Faith, he started to get emotional. He walked out of the ceremony in tears, and then we got a clip of what is to come this Thursday! I have a sneaking suspicion that he will ultimately pick Faith and send Theresa home. 

But for the woman he’s going to spend his life with, that’s anyone’s guess, but again if I’m honest I think it’s Leslie, she’s the underdog in this fight, and I’ve grown to like her a lot. And if ABC is going to do what they do best and do a Golden Bachelorette spin off I think either Faith or Leslie would be perfect for season one. But only if that’s a thing which I hope it is! 

What do you guys think? Who is Gerry going to end up with? I’m riddled with anticipation to find out! 

The Golden Bachelor airs on ABC on Thursdays and is available for streaming the next day on HULU!