The new Avatar the Last Airbender series hit Netflix last week and we all have the same question rattling around in our brain. Is it worth the watch? I know, I know, we’ve been burned before with the ATLA movie that we don’t talk about. And to be completely honest I never saw the movie because I heard it was that bad. Going in to watching the new ATLA live action series on Netflix, I went in with low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised. Each episode is about 45 minutes to an hour long, and one thing I will say the story does feel like it moves very quickly. The episodes are full of information, there is no filler. If you watched the animated series you know that even in the first season there were filler episodes that didn’t move the plot along but they were fun to watch. This new series is eight episodes of action, adventure, and of course laughs.

There are some differences between the two shows, as we know there was bound to be some. First off Katara has to hide her waterbending skills, Aang does not learn anything about waterbending at all in the first season. BUT, we do get to see a little more of the relationship with our favorite uncle and his nephew. They show more of how the bond of Zuko and Iroh formed, and it’s gut wrenching. There is such a close bond between the two, Zuko basically replacing the son Iroh lost to the war. And Iroh replacing Zuko’s father because let’s be honest Fire Lord Ozai is an awful person.  I will say that Daniel Dae Kim as Fire Lord Ozai is just chefs kiss. We do get some story with Zuko’s sister Azula, and of course her besties.

The CGI was awesome, the fight scenes are well choreographed,  and all of the characters do amazing job of playing their role. We got to see our favorite cabbage merchant saying his famous line. We all know what happens if we watched the animated series, but I will not spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I will say that it is a great binge, I personally am rooting for a season two. I would love to see my favorite show play out in live action. I know, I know what happens but there is just something about it happening in live action that makes me want it more. I want to see Zuko redeem himself, I want to see Aang become the Avatar he’s supposed to be, and I want to continue to see the rest of the gaang become heroes.

I would give this series an 8/10, if you have 8 hours and want a good watch I highly recommend ATLA!