Lil Rel Howry and Ludacris star in a new Christmas film on Hulu and Disney+. The movie starts out with Eddie (Ludacris) narrating about a particular Christmas where his whole view of Christmas changed. Fast forward 30 years later to Eddie becoming a father and now a crisis counselor, helping people not feel so sad and alone on Christmas. He is recently separated from his wife, and is watching his daughter on Christmas Eve, when his night becomes a hilarious adventure. 

Santa (Lil Rel Howry) finds himself in a precarious situation. His naughty and “nice list” iPad isn’t his. He got caught in a Christmas fight with some bad guys and his iPad was left at the home of a corrupt congressman, and he took the iPad that had all of the congressman’s dirty deeds on it. Three of the congressman’s henchmen track Santa all over Atlanta, to get the iPad back. With Eddie and his daughter Charlotte in tow it makes for a glitter filled night, meeting tons of kooky characters. A family that tracks Santa every year on Christmas, and some people who work in Santa’s remote workshop in Atlanta. The soundtrack to this film is awesome with lots of throwback rap songs, and some throwback holiday hip hop hits. With the classic happy ending of Eddie starting to believe in Santa, and finally finding his way back home to his wife and daughter. I’d give this movie a solid 3.6 out of 5. It will make you laugh; it’ll make you swoon, and mostly it will make you want to see more of Ludacris and Lil Rel working together. I hope to see more projects with both of them! 


Dashing Through the Snow is now streaming on Hulu and Disney+ and is definitely worth the 90-minute watch!