Post written by: Johna Bottorff

Olivia miller is just living her nice and simple life as a bank teller in a small town, when everything starts to go downhill. One day before her normal closing routine the bank is robbed, and as the only employee in the bank, she has to lead the bad guys to the vault. But when one of the men robbing the bank slips up and calls the other by their name, she is met with a man from her past. Declan Quinn. No longer the young boy she was in love with, but a cold-hearted bank robber. Left with no choice since Olivia had seen his face and knew his name, Declan takes Olivia hostage. 

Declan doesn’t recognize Olivia, but he doesn’t want to kill her much to the chagrin of his men. They take Olivia to their safehouse, where they have a meeting with Clyde Muldoon, the man who is holding Declan’s brother captive. But Clyde has a different kind of relationship to Olivia. Olivia ran from Clyde and changed her name. But now that she’s with Declan she’s in more danger. 

As they move from safe house to safe house the secret about Olivia’s identity comes out. She’s Liv O’Reilly, daughter of the leader of the O’Reilly mobster family. She’s the only woman Declan has ever loved, and Declan realizes that he has to keep Liv and his brother safe, even if it means murdering Clyde. Luckily enough Clyde finds out that Declan is holding Liv, and he asks Declan for one last job to call it even. And Clyde plays right into Declan’s hand. With a happily ever after, and little spice tossed in, Taken by the Mobster is the perfect read, for readers who want to dip their feet in the pool of dark romance. With all the tropes, forced proximity, friends to lovers, second chance romance, and more. 

Please check the trigger warnings! 

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