Let me start this out by saying that I went into this movie with no expectations. I went for Cole Sprouse and Kathryn Newton, and who doesn’t love a retelling of Frankenstein? It starts out with a semi backstory into the character played by Cole Sprouse. It’s a short animation about his love life, we never learn his name, but IMDB calls him “The Creature”. We follow Lisa Swallows around in the year 1989, after she suffers a tragedy and has to move in with her father, stepmother, and stepsister. On a night after a party where she is tripping on PCP and got groped by some skeezy guy, Lisa finds herself at her favorite grave in a cemetery full of dead bachelors. She wishes she could be with him, and then there is of course a huge bolt of lightning and this nameless bachelor comes to life. 

Then everything starts to spiral, Lisa and the creature commit a series of murders, and if they just so happen to take a body part from the freshly deceased body… I mean they don’t need it right? They’re dead! As the movie moves on the creature is slowly falling in love with Lisa while she plans on sleeping with the editor of the school newspaper. Let’s just say the creature is not too happy about that. I don’t want to spoil the movie because you have to see it to believe the shenanigans that go on. 

Let me just say that Lisa and the creature have their happily ever after. I’m going to praise Cole Sprouse and his physical comedy skills. He doesn’t speak until the very last scene of the movie, but his performance as a zombie who is slowly but surely turning into a real person is absolutely amazing. Kathryn Newton does an amazing job playing the loner turned unhinged girl trying to find love in high school. I would rate this movie 8/10. It was hilarious, sweet, ridiculous, and it will actually make you root for the happy ending of Lisa and the creature. It is the perfect girls night out movie. Lisa Frankenstein has been in theaters since February 9th, when I saw it it was already in a small movie theater. Which as we all know means it will be heading out of theaters and onto streaming platforms soon! I suggest seeing it before it leaves theaters!