The PURRfectly amazing reason your cat purrs

K.J. Johll

There are few things more soothing to the soul than the relaxing sounds of a cat’s purr.

Just look at the amount of cat purring videos there are on YouTube and you’ll know, there’s something special about it.

We know cats purr when they’re happy but they also purr when they’re stressed, frightened or nervous too. So, what’s the deal?

Research from Scientific American has shown that while we don’t fully understand HOW the cat’s purr works, it may have healing powers and thus, serves many purposes beyond communicating they are content.

A cat purr is found to be at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Frequencies in that range have proven to assist in healing broken bones and mending joint and tendon tears! Cats do tend to heal quickly from such injuries and it just may be their purr that gives them these superhero-like abilities.

Cat purrs also release endorphins helping to maintain a sense of calm which also helps to lower blood pressure.

Just being around a purring cat can calm you too. And maybe the reason they tend to choose stay near their sick loved ones is because they know their purr can help!

Now, don’t worry if you don’t hear your cat purring. She’s not broken. She just may be purring at a frequency we as humans can’t pick up on or maybe she’s the happiest, healthiest cat in the world and has no need to self sooth!

The next time you’re feeling stressed, spend a little time with your purring cat (or one of the many videos on YouTube) and you may find yourself reaping the benefits of their unique little gift.

KJ can be seen sharing positive stories about cats regularly on Pet Pals TV! She has spent her entire life “raising cats” from her beginnings on a farm to over 10 years working in a cat clinic. She now works to improve feline lives by supporting shelters, rescues and providing guidance to cat lovers experiencing behavior issues or in need of help speaking their cat’s language. Want to make the story of your cat a positive one? Contact KJ here for a Kitty Konsultation.

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