Review by Executive Producer Johna from the KJ TODAY Show


First off let me say that I am very upset that no one told me about the show Joe Pickett  on Paramount+. The show follows Joe Pickett, a family man with a wife, two daughters, and a baby on the way. He is the new Game Warden in the town of Saddlestring and is already making enemies within his first week on the job. This season is packed full of action, drama, some laughs, heart pounding moments, and of course tears.

Joe stumbles upon a dead body in his backyard and even though he isn’t a detective he begins to investigate the how and the why. WIth the help of his wife Mary Beth and his friend Wacey, he starts to uncover a dark truth. Seems everyone in his town is corrupt, even the previous Game Warden Vern, who hand picked Joe to take his job. While Joe is investigating his wife Mary Beth, who is a lawyer, takes on the case of Nate Romanowski. He is accused of murdering the man who Joe found dead in his yard. MaryBeth tries to get him acquitted, but then the tables turn when US Marshals show up to take Nate, and he goes on the run.

Hopefully in season two we get a little more Nate, considering his storyline didn’t really wrap up. 

Then Nate and Joe become allies while Joe is in search of answers. The new, more powerful family in town the Scarletts are not a fan of the new Game Warden, he’s halting their plans to make a lot of money. All the while ** Spoilers ahead** turns out that Vern and Wacey are in on the whole plan! The reason for all the death and destruction in Joe’s life is because a species that had become extinct is miraculously brought back to life. Which means that the land the Scarletts want to build on is a no go because the species would be considered endangered.

There is more to the story obviously, but I want everyone to watch this show! If you like Yellowstone,  Joe Pickett  should be next on your list. New episodes of season two are streaming on Paramount+. There is no news of whether there will be a season three. I’ll be holding my breath, and crossing my fingers.

This show is worth the watch and definitely deserves the same hype as Yellowstone,  in my personal opinion.

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