Graham McTavish, a talented actor known for his roles in various fantasy and sci-fi productions, has shown a clear affinity for the fantasy genre throughout his career. From his appearances in popular shows like The Witcher, Outlander, and Lucifer, to his roles in movies like The Hobbit, McTavish has consistently gravitated towards projects that allow him to explore fantastical worlds and characters.

While talking on KJ TODAY, McTavish expressed his love for the fantasy genre, both on screen and in book form. He mentioned being a huge fan of the genre and revealed that he hasn’t purposely sought out these types of roles, but rather, it seems to be a mutual attraction between him and fantasy projects. He stated, “At the end of the day, I would rather be carrying a sword than a cell phone when it comes to being in something. So I get the opportunity to do that. I found myself lucky.”

McTavish was happy to share a perspective to ease fans’ concerns over Liam Hemsworth taking up the role of The Witcher following Henry Cavill’s exit saying “I’ve been thinking about it a lot actually. A lot of these characters when you think about it, you’ve got James Bond, you’ve got Doctor Who, you’ve got Spider-man. All of these kind of characters have been played by multiple individuals over many years and I think t that the role is bigger than the actor.

But when it comes to it what they bring and what Liam will play, it will be something unique. It really will and it’s something that you won’t be expecting and understandably, people get nervous about change and all the rest of it, but I know for a fact, Liam…he’s a lovely guy first of all, which is something he has in common with Henry and he will be working so hard to make sure that he fills those boots to the brim.”

Graham also expressed a desire to play a villainous adversary in Doctor Who, a show he grew up watching and has personal connections to.

Enjoy the interview here: