Help! I found kitties and don’t know what to do!

K.J. Johll

It happens. You’re going about your day and then you hear it. Wait. Was that a tiny little meow? Was that multiple tiny little meows? Oh my goodness, is that a litter of kittens!?!

We often talk about “Kitten Season” as if it only happens once a year in the spring but ask anyone who works in a shelter and they’ll tell you, it’s ALWAYS kitten season.

(Side note: Someday, it doesn’t have to be always kitten season if we all spay and neuter but that’s another topic. You’re staring down the cutest tiniest fur babies you’ve ever seen and need help NOW!)

So what do you do when those itty bitty, helpless little meows are coming from sweet itty bitty kitty faces that are looking at YOU?

I knowwwwwwwww what you’re thinking…

“I must save them!!! I MUST!!!!” (I’ve been there. Can you tell?)

So, here’s the thing. Maybe not. Our friends at Indy Neighborhood Cats have a VERY helpful graphic here with adorable kitty pics and all that will guide you through what to do based on a few signs of how old the kitties are AND there’s a good chance that saving them is what you should, in fact, NOT do.

YOU: But KJ, I can’t just leave them!!!

ME: I knowwwwwwwww. So here’s some things you CAN (and I hope, WILL) do:

WATCH AND WAIT. Their mother may be off doing her motherly things, grabbing herself a snack (because she needs to eat too!), securing the area, looking for a safer place to move them or, ya know, maybe just taking a break because “mom life” is exhausting, right? Whatever the reason, how stressed would you be if you were doing the right things for your babies and come back to find them gone?

As long as the babies are safe, warm and don’t appear sick, they can stay where they are for, according to IndyHumane, 12 hours. You’re now a spy on a mission so get your own snacks and enjoy the stakeout! Who wouldn’t want to spend 12 hours observing kittens?

IMPORTANT: If at any point, their situation changes to dangerous or there is a weather or health concern, reach out to your local shelter, rescue or community cat group for advice and assistance.

Depending on whether or not momma cat returns, there are different steps to take. You can find out more by visiting Indy Neighborhood Cats.

Warm wishes and whisker love,


Your Kitty Correspondent

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