Book Review by Johna Bottorff, Executive Producer of KJ Today 

The fact that it has been roughly a week since i finished the book and am still thinking about it, means i need other people to know about it. I just finished reading “In the Likely Event” by Rebecca Yarros, who is also the author of the very popular fantasy novel “Fourth Wing” which has BookTokers in a chokehold (as the young kids say). 

In the Likely Event follows Nate and Izzy over their 10 year relationship. They first meet on a plane, Izzy heading back to college and Nate heading to basic training. Their connection leapt off the page and had me hooked from the first sentence. Then the unthinkable happens: the plane CRASHES, and Nate and Izzy have to help save everyone on the plane and most importantly themselves. Now before I dive in further for all the people who want to know if they will be crying at the end of the book? Yes you will, but not for any sad reason, there is a happily ever after (HEA). As the story progresses you get shots of the two main characters from their teen years, and when they meet again three years after a huge fight where, they go their separate ways. The book takes place between 2011 and 2021. It is told from a dual perspective.

When they meet again in 2021 in Afghanistan where Nate is assigned to protect a congressional aide who is making a stop just for some photo ops. Little does he expect Izzy to walk off the plane. And Izzy absolutely was not expecting Nate to be the person guarding her. She can’t let him distract her from her mission which isn’t just photo ops and groundwork for the senator she works for. Even after three years apart you know they still have the hots for each other. They have to put their differences aside and make this arraignment work for 10 days. 

The story does jump back and forth between the timeline, it tells you exactly what happened to Nate and Izzy right until their big break up in New York in 2018. Izzy of course gets advice from her sister Serena and Nate getting all his advice from his best friend Torres. The story of these two characters is absolutely heartbreaking, you have Izzy who is constantly fighting for the approval of her parents. Then you have Nate, who is physically fighting a war in another country while fighting with his own mental health and PTSD. If I could read this book for the first time again I would! When it was all over and done I laid up all night after finishing it, and just thought about the twists and turns the story takes. 

There are moments where you are going to be smiling like you just won the lottery, times where you want to toss the book across the room (i read it on my kindle and it may have ended up on the floor), and times where you will ugly cry and wonder why you can’t find a love that transcends time, and can beat all obstacles. This story is about two people who never give up on each other. No matter the time or the place, they are there for each other no matter what. It’s about a love that was written in the stars. 

I won’t lie, there is some spice, and when it gets spicy, you’re going to need a cold shower. This book isn’t released yet, it will be released August 1st, 2023. I need other people to buy this book and then tell me how they feel about it. I went through a lot of emotions with this book, and every single one was worth it. Bravo Rebecca Yarros, you have made a fan out of me! Now excuse me while I buy all of her books… Happy reading my friends.  

In the Likely Event will be released on August 1st, 2023! 

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