Your cat wants you to get down tonight! 

K.J. Johll

It’s true. Your cat wants you to get down tonight. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“KJ? My cat wants me to have a dance party with her?”

Well, every cat is different so I’m not judging the rare cat who may want to bust a move but no, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Your cat just wants you to GET DOWN…on the floor.

Hmmm. That still sounds like an invitation to boogie. Let me try this again.

relationship with your cat

Your cat would politely like you to join him on his level. Get down on the floor as in SIT down ON THE FLOOR.

Cats exist as both prey and predator. As one client recently put it as they grasp this idea, “Oh!!! I look like a T-Rex to my cat!!!”

Yes. Yes you do.

At her core, your cat’s primary motivation is to maintain safety so she can then — as Jackson Galaxy often reminds us — hunt, catch, kill and eat.

Well, would you be out in the open on the hunt if a T-Rex was looming over you?

A simple way to improve your relationship with your cat is to spend time on his level. Get down!

A study in 2011 revealed that women tend to bond more closely with their feline companions.

One of the reasons? Women sit on the floor more often with their beloved cats.

Make a habit of sitting on the floor with your cat. Exist on her level. See the world from her view.

And while you’re sitting there, get out her favorite wand toy and let her play and play, knowing that it’s safe because the T-Rex isn’t a threat any more.

Try it and let me know how you do!

This is just one way to enrich your relationship with your cat and give you the close bond you desire. If you’d like to know more, let’s talk!

Warm wishes & whisker love,


Your Kitty Correspondent

KJ can be seen sharing positive stories about cats regularly on Pet Pals TV! She has spent her entire life “raising cats” from her beginnings on a farm to over 10 years working in a cat clinic. She now works to improve feline lives by supporting shelters, rescues and providing guidance to cat lovers experiencing behavior issues or in need of help speaking their cat’s language. Want to make the story of your cat a positive one? Contact KJ here for a Kitty Konsultation.