Tim and Jacob from the Elevator Boys got up early on a Friday morning to talk with KJabout their debut single, “Runaway,” which was released today.

The Elevator Boys already have over 40 million followers, which raises the question of the pressure they may have felt in choosing the right single to release.

Tim and Jacob explain that it has been a year-long journey for them to get into music, and they are thrilled to finally release their first song. They mention that “Runaway” was the right choice because it resonates with the feeling of running away and leaving everything behind, especially with someone or a group that makes you forget about the rest of the world. They emphasize that this is something they want to experience this summer, especially given the chaos going on in the world.

Tim adding, “So first of all, it’s very hard to find the first single where everyone combines, sounds good on it. And this one was definitely the case. Besides that, the song is about the feeling, just like running away, leaving everything behind, especially with the one person or especially in our case with the group who makes you forget about the rest of the world. And that’s definitely something we want to experience this summer.”

Of course, fans want to know whether the Elevator Boys are planning a tour now that their single is out. And while that sounds fun, both band members agree the plan is to produce more songs and develop in the music scene. They, then, hope to tour around the world, including America, next year.

One of the Elevator Boys’ most iconic moments so far has been their video with Heidi Klum, where they reenacted Madonna’s “Material Girl.” Tim and Jacob reveal that they are now friends with Heidi and have had the opportunity to spend time with her. They also mention other famous individuals they have encountered, such as Chris Pine and Hugh Grant, who appeared in one of their elevator videos.

With a built-in fan base and exciting collaborations, the Elevator Boys are poised for success in their music career.

You can get caught up with the full interview here including an inspirational message to one of their young fans aspiring to be a TikTok creator as well: