Let your cat be high (and not just on catnip)

K.J. Johll

In talking with a concerned cat owner this week about how their cat of two years always seemed scared, I asked this question:

Can your cat get high?

After a VERY odd look, an awkward silent moment and then a giggle, I quickly rephrased the question:

Where in your house can your cat get UP high as in vertically high?

In this particular situation, the owner was concerned at how, despite the fact that their senior dog didn’t have any interest in chasing their beloved cat, she was still terrified and running under the bed when she saw him.

Cats and dogs are interesting together as you’re asking two animals who don’t speak your language and also don’t understand each other’s to all just figure it out. Imagine if you moved in with two people who didn’t speak your native language. That’s life with a multi-species household. We’ll be talking about those intricacies in a future blog but for now, let’s ACT FAST for the scared cat at hand.

Yes, my go-to tip is to get them high.

Cats in their natural environment feel safest when they can survey their surroundings. And, yes, looking down on you as well is of comfort to them. As both predator and prey, life in the middle of the food chain is a constant balance of “I must eat” and “I must not be eaten” and that goes even for your PURRfectly safe cat. She’s not that far removed from her ancestor’s DNA that tells her to be weary of animals that might be on the “I could eat you” part of the food chain.

Remember: She doesn’t speak your language. Tell a cat she’s safe all day and you’ll get nothing. Get her a cat tree or some shelving where she can watch and observe from where she considers a safe distance and now you’re speaking HER language!

Scaredy cat can turn to ruler of her land with the addition of a cat tree or two.

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